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韓国にお住いの K様にとても詳しく感想をいただきました。
I recieved the review from my last distance healing.
This is a statement from a lady from South Korea
talking about her experiences during our recent distance healing session.
The distance healing took place in May and was a present for her birthday.
Since there is no time difference between South Korea and Japan
we decided to have the session in the morning.
Dear Ms. K., it was my great pleasure and my honour to have your session.
Thank you so much.


At 0755 am I went to my quiet room and locked the door to make sure my daughter or dog won’t just come in the room. My husband was home too watching our daughter and my son was still sleeping. I laid on the floor and waited for the session to start. In just a few minutes it seems that the pressure in the room changed and I heard my door knob jam as if its about to open but it didn’t. This happened about three or four times. I opened my eyes a couple of times to make sure my dog wasn’t trying to come in but no one was there. After I closed my eyes again and after a few minutes it felt like there were people or beings walking on the edge of my carpet and stopped right at the feet. I distinctly heard something making a sound next to my portable heater but no one was there. I figured this is it and I think the session has begun. I closed my eyes and just focused on my breathing. My mind was running of course, I was thinking what if I don’t feel anything, or will I feel anything, or what will I feel. After a few more minutes I went into a deep meditation and then I started feeling heaviness from my toes all the way to my upper thigh and then from the tips of my fingers to my arm. My palm felt so thick, heavy, and almost magnetic. I kept my eyes closed and the purple and violet colors I was seeing got bigger and wider and at one point it started creating a purple box with a figure of a heart in the middle. This went on for a while, then I was suddenly aware of a slender hand holding my left hand and another hand holding my right hand but more of holding my fingers. I was touched by what I was experiencing. I felt safe and loved. The hands felt so familiar yet I do not know how I knew those hands. After a while and I think this was nearing the end of the session, when my mind was suddenly awoken into a full focus when I heard what sounded like an electric zap going across my forehead but inside my head but not really in my head it felt like it was a short quick zapping sound in my soul’s head not my physical self. I then opened my eyes and I can feel a heavy pressure on my forehead right on my third eye chakra. I also tried to move my legs and arms but they I couldn’t. My extremities felt heavy as lead and connected to the ground. I closed my eyes again and fell in a deep meditation again. This is where I saw what I call my matrix. This is were I see outline of faces and different images. After a few more minutes I opened my eyes and I was also able to move my legs and arms and sit up. I didn’t check the time yet but this was probably at least 20-30 minutes after our session.

I have to say that ever since the reconnective healing I have been feeling some weird things but they are not causing me any harm or anything life threatening. I think all my buried emotions and memories of unpleasant situations are coming out to see the light of day. I think this is part of my healing process. I have to say that after that session, during meditation I can go into my matrix a whole lot easier and I am able to keep going back in one meditation session than ever before.
Ako, thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.
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